Rachel Shumway
Midwife, Nutritional Herbologist, Raw Food Educator,
Emotional Healing Facilitator

LivingMom Placenta Pharmaceuticals
(801) 623-2559



Some of Rachel's Credentials:

· Certified Nutritional Herbologist-1998
· Completed DONA training-1999
· Raw Food Educator-2000-Current
· Nutritional/Supplemental Counselor-2002-Current
· Emotional Healing Facilitator-2000-Current
· Direct Entry Midwife-2005-Current
· Medicine Healing Internship with James Mooney & Richard Swallow-2007-2010
· Placenta Encapsulation Pharmacueticals-2010-Current

"LivingMom placenta Pharmaceuticals was born out of my longing to care and support all the beautiful mamas and babies I come in contact with. Support of the postpartum period is just as sacred and necessary as the prenatal period. As an herbalist and midwife, I found I could use the placenta and herbal proprietary blends to meet most, if not all, postpartum ailments that mamas and babies encounter. My experience is it can truly make a WORLD of difference in so many ways!

My personal process utilizes universal precautions, sterile techniques, vinegar and essential oils to ensure cleanliness and safety of your placenta. I low heat your placenta to maintain nutrients, hormones and enzymes which I believe are VITAL to assist mama and baby. I can process your placenta without the herbal blends but believe the herbs aid to increase physical repair, shorten postpartum recovery, boost breast milk production, stimulate immunity, thwart viruses, bacterias, etc....the list goes on. I LOVE and am honored that I am gifted the opportunity to provide this service to all who are interested."

Tiffany Hickenlooper
Birth Doula, LMT, CNA, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Utah Birth Doula
(801) 347-1692

Tiffany Hickenlooper is a mother of two and passionate about life & motherhood. She’s practiced as a doula since 2001 and a licensed massage therapist since 2012. She loves the outdoors! Her personality is fun and honest. She’s always willing to help those in need. We love Tiffany and have sent many of our clients’ placentas to her encapsulation services. She is currently attending school full-time in hopes to obtain her Bachelors degree in Nursing.

"I charge $250 for Salt Lake county residents. I pick up your placenta at your birth place and deliver the finished product to you within 48 hours. The average quantity of pills is 140. I accept payment by check, cash, or credit card. I’ve been in practice since 2009.”

Melinda Comin

Utah Placenta
(801) 472-0128

Melinda received her National CIES certification training through Full Circle Encapsulation. She operates with OSHA standards, passed the Biologics blood pathogens safety course and has a current food handlers permit. When choosing an encapsulation service, it is imperative to use a service that has the highest standards in safety, cleanliness, and thorough training. There are no formal requirements in Utah for someone to encapsulate placentas so there are some that offer to do it without any specialized training other than a YouTube tutorial or watching someone else do it. Your safety and health are top priority, especially as a new mother. Melinda's goal is to have the mother's placenta picked up and returned to them within 24 hours of their birth whenever possible.

Mikah Cook
CPES and Post-Partum Doula

(503) 808-0500

I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  I became certified through PBi (Placenta Benefits info).  I fully believe and trust that nature can and will take care of us when we understand and know how to utilize its power in a harmonic and balanced way.  Encapsulating your placenta enables us to use the natural power of the placenta in restoring what we become depleted of during labor.  There are several benefits of taking your placenta in capsule form after giving birth.  I think above all, it allows you to be fully present to take care of your new precious little one- by deterring postpartum depression.  PBi has very high standards in regards to the safety of handling and preparing the placenta.  I encourage you to contact me for more details.  I would love to make your transition from birth to mommy as harmonious as possible.

*I also am available for postpartum support.  I live in the Millcreek area but am available to service other areas.